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1. How much can I reasonably make on CashCrate?

Many users get more than $100 per month just by regularly visiting the site and filling out a few surveys. There are daily surveys and bonus surveys. To get the bonus survey, make sure to hit the check-in button often on your homepage.

As a concrete example, today there are 7 daily surveys available for a total of $4.95. That does not seem like much but if you multiply this by 30 days, you get $148.5 in a month just with a few clicks. And this is just with surveys, without counting daily bonuses...

See the payment wall with pictures of checks from current users

As described below, there are tips to earn even more with offers, contests, referrals, etc... But don't get burned out and discouraged (see tip #4)

2. Use a separate Email account

Many offers and surveys require you to enter a valid Email address to receive credit. It is important that you go back to your Email and click the confirmation link sent by the advertiser. To avoid clogging your regular account, it is best to have a dedicated Email, so open a free one on google, yahoo, msn, etc. or even better, use 10 minute mail which is a temporary service with no signup. Don't forget to check your spam folder...

In some cases, advertisers will ask you for a phone number, if you are not comfortable with that, you can create a free voicemail via LaserVoicemail

3. Getting started

See the official video below to learn the basics. It's important...

4. Manage your time and be patient

It's easy to get burned out and discouraged. Remember that you will make little at a time, but at the end of the month it adds up to a nice amount.

Of course, it is maybe not possible for you to visit the site every day. No problem, if you do not want to, don't...

Just take advantage of the moments you find yourself spending time on the net doing nothing. Then, fill out bunch of surveys and offers at once. That way you'll make as much at the end but you'll do it on your schedule.

5. The surveys

Some of the surveys you can take once a day and there are several of them. Sometimes, they start with an eligibility page. If they tell you that you are not eligible, don't worry, they'll offer you an alternative one and you'll still get paid. Make sure to enter a valid Email and confirm it if needed.

By the way, when they give an estimate of the time it takes to fill out a survey, it's always very exaggerated. It usually takes about 5 minutes. When you are done, be patient, it might take a while for your account to be credited.

You will also save a lot of time if your browser fills out your information automatically. For example, you can use RoboForm. And even better, there is a program you can use to complete a whole survey in seconds, it is called GreaseMonkey and it is free. You'll find a lot of youtube videos explaining these techniques.

Beware of so-called CashCrate hacks, no such thing exists. They are propagated by people who want you to be their referral. They pretend that if you sign up through their link, make some money, and then click a button, you magically get hundreds or thousands of dollars. Of course it does not work and at the end of the day, they made money out of you.

6. The offers

The offers usually give you the most rewards but they are more tricky. So start by completing your surveys. However, some are as simple as entering a valid Email address and you're done! Again, do not forget to confirm it from your inbox before clicking the submit button on CashCrate. Let's mention some tips:

- Sometimes an offer is completed after one page, do not keep following links
- Save time having your browser automatically filling out your info (see survey tips)
- When you are done, leave the offer window open for a bit to make sure they confirm your visit
- On CashCrate, press the submit button once done
- Avoid the offers requiring credit card information (they have dollar signs next to them)
- Make sure you remove your browser cookies often. For example you can use ccleaner. This is because one advertiser might have several CashCrate offers and they will all disappear after you complete one, unless you do this.

Again, when you are done, be patient, the confirmation could be pending for a while.

7. Contests

CashCrate regularly hosts contests for cash money. For example, this month there is one awarding 5 people up to $75 for participating. Keep an eye on it.

8. Points and prizes

By filling out surveys, you earn cash but you will also get points. You can use these points in daily draws to multiply your total. You can then convert them into prizes.

9. Coupons

CashCrate regularly issues coupon codes that will translate into extra $. Check our forum and our twitter feed regularly. We will make them available to you.

10. Referrals

CashCrate has the best referral program out there. You earn 20% of what your first-level referrals make and 10% of what your second-level referrals make. So you can boost your profit by inviting your friends to join.

11. Explore the web

Find further resources on the internet but beware of scams such as "CashCrate Hacks".

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